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United States Facts:

United States Federal Courts:


1st Circuit

Court of Appeals
Maine Bankruptcy Court
Maine District Court
Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court
Massachusetts District Court
New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court
New Hampshire District Court
Puerto Rico District Court
Puerto Rico Pretrial Services Office
Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court

2nd Circuit

Connecticut Bankruptcy Court
Connecticut District Court
New York Eastern District Court
New York Northern Bankruptcy Court
New York Northern District Court
New York Southern Bankruptcy Court
New York Southern District Court
New York Western Bankruptcy Court
Vermont Bankruptcy Court

3rd Circuit

Court of Appeals
Delaware Bankruptcy Court
New Jersey Bankruptcy Court
New Jersey District Court
Pennsylvania Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Pennsylvania Eastern District Court
Pennsylvania Middle District Court
Pennsylvania Western Bankruptcy Court
Pennsylvania Western District Court
Virgin Islands District Court

4th Circuit

Court of Appeals
Maryland Bankruptcy Court
Maryland District Court
North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court
North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy Court
North Carolina Middle District Court
North Carolina Western Bankruptcy Court
North Carolina Western District Court
South Carolina Bankruptcy Court
South Carolina District Court
Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Virginia Eastern Pretrial Services Office
Virginia Western Bankruptcy Court
West Virginia Northern Bankruptcy Court
West Virginia Northern District Court

5th Circuit

Circuit Library
Court of Appeals
Louisiana Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Louisiana Eastern District Court
Louisiana Eastern Pretrial Services Office
Louisiana Eastern Probation Office
Louisiana Middle Bankruptcy Court
Louisiana Middle District Court
Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court
Louisiana Western District Court
Mississippi Northern Bankruptcy Court
Mississippi Northern District Court
Mississippi Southern District Court
Texas Eastern Bankruptcy
Texas Eastern District Court
Texas Eastern Probation Office
Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court
Texas Northern District Court
Texas Southern District/Bankruptcy Courts
Texas Western Bankruptcy Court
Texas Western District Court

6th Circuit

Court of Appeals
Kentucky Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Kentucky Western District Court
Michigan Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Michigan Western Bankruptcy Court
Michigan Western District Court
Ohio Northern Bankruptcy Court
Ohio Northern District Court
Ohio Southern Probation
Tennessee Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Tennessee Middle Bankruptcy Court
Tennessee Western Bankruptcy Court

7th Circuit

Circuit Library
Court of Appeals
Illinois Central Bankruptcy Court
Illinois Central District Court
Illinois Northern Bankruptcy Court
Illinois Northern District Court
Illinois Southern Bankruptcy Court
Illinois Southern District Court
Indiana Northern Bankruptcy Court
Indiana Northern District Court
Indiana Southern Bankruptcy Court
Indiana Southern District Court
Indiana Southern Probation Office
Wisconsin Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Wisconsin Eastern District Court
Wisconsin Western District Court
Wisconsin Western Bankruptcy Court
Wisconsin Western Probation Office

8th Circuit

Arkansas Eastern District Court
Arkansas Western District Court
Court of Appeals
Iowa Northern Bankruptcy Court
Iowa Northern District Court
Iowa Southern District Court
Minnesota Bankruptcy Court
Missouri Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Missouri Eastern District Court
Missouri Eastern Pretrial Services
Missouri Eastern Probation Office
Nebraska District Court
North Dakota Bankruptcy Court
North Dakota District Court
South Dakota Bankruptcy Court
South Dakota District Court

9th Circuit

Alaska Bankruptcy Court
Alaska District Court
Arizona Bankruptcy Court
Arizona District Court
California Central Bankruptcy Court
California Central District Court
California Eastern Bankruptcy Court
California Eastern District Court
California Eastern Probation Office
California Northern Bankruptcy Court
California Northern District Court
California Southern Bankruptcy Court
California Southern District Court
Court of Appeals
Guam District Court
Hawaii Bankruptcy Court
Idaho Bankruptcy/District Court
Nevada Bankruptcy Court
Northern Mariana Islands District Court
Office of the Circuit Executive
Oregon District Court
Washington Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Washington Eastern District Court
Washington Western Bankruptcy Court
Washington Western District Court

10th Circuit

Colorado Bankruptcy and District Court
Court of Appeals
New Mexico Bankruptcy Court
New Mexico District Court
New Mexico Pretrial Services
New Mexico Probation Office
Oklahoma Eastern Bankruptcy Court
Oklahoma Northern Bankruptcy Court
Utah Bankruptcy Court
Utah District Court
Wyoming Bankruptcy Court
Wyoming District Court

11th Circuit

Alabama Middle Bankruptcy Court
Alabama Middle District Court
Alabama Northern District Court
Alabama Southern Bankruptcy Court
Alabama Southern District Court
Court of Appeals
Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court
Florida Middle District Court
Florida Middle Probation Office
Florida Northern District Court
Georgia Middle Bankruptcy Court
Georgia Middle District Court
Georgia Northern Bankruptcy Court
Georgia Northern District Court

DC Circuit

DC Circuit Court of Appeals
DC District Court

Federal Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals For the Federal Circuit

U.S. Court of International Trade

U.S. Court of International Trade


The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
The Federal Judicial Center
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces


Other Sites Related to Federal Courts 

U.S. Supreme Court
The American Judicature Society
Commission on Structural Alternatives for the Federal Courts of Appeals
The U.S. Constitution
Electronic Public Access PACER Service Center
Federal Court Clerks Association
The Federalist Papers
Federal Judicial Center
Judicial Fellows Program Homepage
Library of Congress
Thomas -- Legislative Information on the Internet
U.S. Court of International Trade
The United States Sentencing Commission
U.S. Tax Court

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United States Population: 313,300,000 United States National Bird: American Bald Eagle
United States Land Area: 3,536,294 square miles United States National Flower: Rose

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